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Sun pappadam has been a popular goto pappadam for over 15 years. Manufactured in Sri Lanka with an authentic Indian Taste

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Sun Pappadam is now available island wide. Here is an easy way to locate a store near you that has our range of Authentic Sun Pappadam

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Pappadam has been a crunchy part of Srilankan Cuisine for decades. They are not only tasty, but highly nutritious as well. Sun Pappadams are full of proteins, as their main ingredients are a variety of pulses like urad dal, black gram, chickpea. They are also a very good source of iron and calcium. They assist in digestion and help regulate cholesterol levels..

Fresh from the pan

Pappadams are best fresh from the pan, warm and crisp – they only take seconds to cook so you can tell that they are fresh

One of the Healthiest Snacks

Made of lentils, it is a healthier alternative than stuffing on those fatty potato wafers. Make it your 4 pm snack or use it as an appetizer with dinner, Papadum is a multipurpose snack for everyone. These sun-dried lentil crisps are light, easy to digest, fast to cook, and popularly consumed for their high protein, iron, as well as fiber content.


Multipurpose snack for everyone

A Pride of Sri Lanka !

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